• Dental Hygienist Course

5-D Japan Dental Hygienist Course

It seems that predictability in periodontal treatment, especially in regenerative therapy, has been raised recent years due to various materials and technique development. While it looks glamorous, it requires basic, solid techniques such as debridement and root plaining. Thus, the technique of the hygienist determines the results in periodontal treatment.

However, many on-site dental hygienists say, ‘I cannot do well on sharpening steadily’ or, ‘I’m not confident in SRP.’ To resolve these problems and pursue high level periodontal treatment, EDGEONE system and URM system are very effective methods.

We have prepared a 3-day course for dental hygienist that they can understand and perform solid sharpening with curette and SPR using these systems.。

Place Osaka
Seats 18
Cost 95,000 yen (including text materials and lunch for 4 days)
Content ◎Correcting basic data
  • probing
  • exploring
  • positioning
  • taking and reading X-ray
◎Initial therapy
  • hand scaling
  • ultra-wave scaling
  • sharpening
  • how to procedure initial therapy

◎Basic knowledge of periodontal surgery

Lecturers Sawako Kijima, Mika Sakai, Ayumi Fukuhara(Instructor)