• Denture Course

5-D Japan Denture Course

We are newly opening a Denture Course in Osaka, held 3 weekends every other month starting from June 2015. It offers basic techniques, from understanding dentures and bite taking, to artificial teeth sequence. Our goals are to build up your skills in clinical practice and improve your defect-prosthetic diagnostic ability.

Contents Lectures and practices
  • Pitfalls and coping techniques for full denture production
  • Diagnostics in full denture treatment (full denture design based on model and diagnostic imaging)
  • Placing articulators based on face-bow transferring and anatomical average
  • Basics of bite-taking in case of edentulous jar
  • Anatomical artificial teeth sequence
  • How to use tissue conditioner and relining indirect method
  • How to make a copy denture
  • Implant over denture
  • A view of defect tooth alignment and adaptation of partial denture
  • Composing elements of partial denture
Class fee

550,000 yen for 4 weekends (including tax and material costs)
We accept payment installments (6~36 times: Japan Dental Co., Ltd)
Contact 5-D Japan Office for more details.

Seats 25
Lecturers Shigeto Yoshimatsu, Ikuhisa Okuno, Masahiro Minami, Kazuhiro Fukunishi, Akiyoshi Funato
Third Term June ~ October in 2017 Full
Fourth Term June ~ December in 2018 Full
Fifth Term June ~ December in 2019 Still open
Denture Course Schedule for Third Term in Osaka
First weekend June 2017/24th and 25th
Second weekend August 2017/19th and 20th
Third weekend October 2017/28th and 29th
Denture Course Schedule for Fourth Term in Osaka
First weekend June 2018/23rd and 24th
Second weekend August 2018/18th and 19th
Third weekend October 2018/27th and 28th
Fourth weekend December 2018/8th and 9th
Denture Course Schedule for Fifth Term in Osaka
First weekend June 2019/15th and 16th
Second weekend August 2019/17th and 18th
Third weekend October 2019/26th and 27th
Fourth weekend December 2019/21st and 22nd